February 22, 2016

Monday of the Second Week of Lent.

The good news for the Day

Jesus said to people learning from Him: “Do mercy, just as your Father does it: Stop judging others—and you will not suffer judgment. Stop condemning others—and you will not get condemned. Forgive others—and you will find forgiveness for yourself. Give away—and gifts will be given to you—abundant good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap. Whatever measuring stick you use will be used on you.” (Luke 6, 36-39)

The core of these guidelines is your understanding—that what you do to others rebounds on you. We mirror one another, though surfaces differ. You are one humble soul among all the many different creatures sharing earth and sky with a common Father-God. You are not supposed to be merciless to anyone—as you would not be merciless to yourself. You are not supposed to judge anyone as though you are superior—you are not.

This is all Good News. This is how you—you—are Different, Holy—a Child of God, a life-giver.

It is your priceless, “abundant” life, your overflow of grace, which marks you as different—as “holy.” You are gracious, merciful, non-judgmental, forgiving, gifting others with your gifts. You share the struggles of others with sweet and compassionate measures of love and caring. You fill their grief with your silent, kind presence. You fill their weakness with your patience and peace. You are Alive—and you give richness of life.

You see this vast sea of equal human creatures by the eyes of God. You are part of a situation of mutual aid. Your destiny and your reason for living—is not just to exist day by day. It is not just to suffer through indignities, pain and grief. It is to live and more—to triumph with your heart, soul and mind by the “commerce” of giving and receiving, accepting others and being accepted, forgiving and being forgiven. That is Giving Life.


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