February 18, 2016

Thursday of the First Week of Lent.

The good news for the Day

Jesus said to people wanting to learn from Him: “Ask for something—and you will be given it; look for something—and that’s how you find it; knock on a door–and the door gets opened to you. The fact is–people who ask get; and anybody who looks finds; and to the person who knocks on a door, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7, 7-10)

This is not rocket science here, as the cliché goes. DO something—Jesus remarks—if you want to get something done.

It is not only typical of Jesus to take daily life and use it to illustrate the “Other New Life,” but also this small approach—this simple foray into action–is common to both secular daily chores and living the Life of Christ. Jesus is just offering a reminder of fundamentals.

If you ask for strength against an addiction of for patience with people you don’t respect, if you look for a way out of a constant failing of yours—for peace and ease of heart, or if you knock on a door into understanding, change of heart and “what would Jesus do?”—it is courageous choice that makes it happen. If you are reluctant for whatever reason to ask, seek, or knock—and you put it off indefinitely, obviously it will never happen.

The Good News for you is clear and simple knowledge: what leads to success is DO-ing the pursuit of a goal, acting on the first step, overcoming the foot-dragging—denying your “self.” It may mean getting out of bed to face a hard day. It may mean picking up the phone. It may mean opening the door to someone’s knock. A quick act of forgiveness—of asking forgiveness.

Once you start these “baby steps,” you get somewhere. You switch from negative to positive. You find Jesus and peace. You do not become a saint, but now you know what humility, caring, bravery and dedication is all about at their core.

Do. Ask. Seek. Knock. Take that step and the Good follows.


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