February 11, 2016

Thursday of the First Week of Lent

The good news for the Day

Addressing people who found Him important—Jesus warned: “The Child of Humans must suffer much, and be rejected by political leadership, religious leaders, and the educated class—be put to death, and on the third day be raised.”

To everybody else, He said: “If somebody wants to follow me, that person has to be denying the life they have lived so far—pick up their cross daily and follow me. For people wanting to save what they have been—are going to lose it, but those who lose what their lives have been—for my sake—will save it. What profit is there for somebody to win the whole world yet lose or forfeit everything that counts in life?” (Luke 9, 22-25)

You choose. Every moment of every waking hour you are making choices. This mindset triggered by the Good News reminds you to care which direction you are going as you make choices.

Is your general direction courage—swimming against the tide of culture (“This generation”)? Or is it apathetic “going along” with agreeable people? Do you confront the uncomfortable facts, opinions, and falsehoods, the attacks and criticisms which come at you? Do you follow Jesus—your conscience, caring and humility—seeking what is the right thing to do?

This is no examination of conscience for Lent for your guilt or innocence. It is the Bigger Picture. What direction do all your choices take? Are you defending yourself and your past life—the “unborn-again” generation—or are you looking to live the Way of Jesus unfolding in the world around you? Do you care for others? Are you courageous? Do you choose the Right Way, whichever it may be?

The Good News is the always-emerging voice of your Good Spirit, the decency, vigor and kindliness which your conscience prompts you to do—the denial of your ignoble instincts, your choice to love and not to hate.


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