February 5, 2016

Friday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The good news for the Day

King Antipas Herod heard about Jesus—His reputation had spread; people were saying, “John the Baptist has been raised from the dead; that’s why awesome powers are at work in him.” Others would say, “He is Elijah”; still others: “He is a prophet like any other prophet.” (Mark 6, 14-15)

You have a reputation—we all do. If you are adult, you know that some people admire you, speak well of you, and esteem you for your friendship. That reputation surprises you when a stranger meets you, smiles, and says what good things they have heard. You are one of the “good guys.”

Other people just don’t like you, disparage what you do and say, and utter half-hearted contempt for you to others. Strangers meet you—and shy away from looking you in the eye, and feel awkward. Such people see you as one of the “bad guys.

So. Different people see you differently—just like John the Baptist and Jesus, two “good men.” God our Father, though, did not protect these two men from half-truths their enemies believed—John and Jesus died by violence from authorities who considered them dangerous prophets, upsetters of the status quo. The courage to be good, to speak your soul’s kind truth, and to believe in healing & helping others can cost you dearly.

What counts is how Our Father sees you—what God thinks of you—Child of Love, peace-making healer of hearts, passionate seeker of justice, someone aiming to free people from their demons and to forgive others who “do not know what they are doing.” Your courage, persistence, and goodness may get you killed, like these two prophets. The Good News is your deep hidden living peace, your trust in a living God, and your life in the “realm of what’s right”—the kingdom of God—being loved beyond your dreams by the Creator of the whole world.


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