January 31, 2016

The Good News for the day

Jesus began preaching in the Nazareth synagogue: “Today this Scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” And everybody spoke highly of him—but surprised by the sensitive, caring words that came from his mouth—“Isn’t he Joseph’s boy?” (Luke 4)

So many of us forget that, until his public life, Jesus appeared ordinary.  In his small hometown of Nazareth, he was just you, me and George.

What is happening here reminds you of the Good News—not the externals, but the internal one, the one that a real conversion makes public.

Jesus had gone to visit John the famous preacher baptizing in the Jordan. Maybe Jesus spent time—weeks, months, or years there. In any case, He felt the start of a radical change, a crack-like opening of “heaven”—insight—and entrance–into the “realm of what’s right.” He told admirers later that an overwhelm of “holy” spirit occurred—a sense that He—in spirit and attitude—felt destined to shape the chaos of this world; as in Genesis, God’s Spirit wants to create a new universe—dividing this from that, shaping new life, and re-making humans into the likeness of God.

Next into the desert Jesus went—led by that same spirit of humility and awe—to be challenged by His ego, pride and special-ness (Was He that different?)—demons He probably wrestled for the rest of His days.

Do you see—how you are that person?  Like—JUST like—Jesus, you are called to repentant, kind love as your role in life—a humble and humiliating admission of your limitations—to look outwards, to love. Then comes the realization—you are picked to live a loving spirit, a fresh patience with your world. Wrestling always with your demons of ego, you emerge to see, love, and heal others—to start to sensitively care for others.


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