January 29, 2016

The Good News for the Day

Without poetry and examples, Jesus did not speak to the public, but to those learning from Him, He would explain everything in private. (Mark 4, 34)

The loving Word of Our Father speaks to you—through beauty in woods and rain, the parking lot kindness of a stranger, the medical needs of your mother, the parables of Scripture, the laws of our country, and the neighbor across the street. The Good News? You “get it”—you grasp such poetry—the meanings, depth and mystery—around you which speak to you. You are learning parables and signs, you listen for meanings, and you’re not just hearing them as stories, words, or mechanical puffs of air & ink.

You and I like to avoid the sometimes-hard work of “translating” poetry-and-parables into daily life.  “It is stupid stuff,” a poet once wrote.  Often, you and I would rather get blunt facts from the papers, view TV news, or catch up on everything you consider important from the Internet. “You can get everything you need,” you have heard people say, “from the internet”—your news, your entertainment—anything important.

You and I forget, though, that “what is essential is invisible to the eye,” as another writer once put it. You need to become active!, awake!, aware!, and alive! to truths hiding behind words, meanings often complicated (and even contradictory), and the bottomless mystery of what is essential to you.

Both Genesis and the Gospel of John, for example, start with “In the beginning.” You and I just assume it means “(the beginning of) time.” We are reading poems, though; so the “beginning” almost certain includes—and means: “where you start in every way” or “everything about you right now is originating in God’s creating here and now” and so on. Celebrate the Good News! When you listen to more than words, it pays off!


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