January 26, 2016

The Good News for the day

A group, gathered around Him, informed Him, “Your mother and family are standing outside wanting to see you.” He responded: “Who are my mother and my family?” Looking around at individuals surrounding him, He said: “Right here are my mother and my brothers; whoever does the will of God has become my brother and sister and mother.” (Mark 3, 31-35)

It takes—perhaps—a lifetime to appreciate this truth. As you lose your parents, your brother, or your child, you grow aware of a larger “family” around you—the closeness of kind, understanding friends, co-workers who mean more than you thought–even strangers who reach out to you helpfully.

As your physical family dissipates gradually through the decades, you find a larger family—a huge one.  In mid-life you find a true brother. You gain a sister in the motherly nurse caring for your son. You find an honest man grasping your situation—being helpful in ways only a real brother does.

Jesus reminds you to look for these people—to see yourself as part of this Family of God, to recognize authentic, caring people around you.  They are doing the Will of God, whether they are religious or not. They are part of your life’s blood, your outlook, spirit and existence, your aliveness.

For your part, of course, you offer others this same companionship, this feeling of a shared blood, a united contribution to the whole world. In the end, however important your physical family is (and it was important to Jesus—see Mary staying beyond his death), it is this larger family that counts. It is where you truly belong. It is where your deeper, richer, infinitely growing life is developing and producing fruit. It is the realm of what is right, the Kingdom of God.


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