January 25, 2016

The Good News for the day

Jesus said, “I am telling you truth: ”Every sin and pretension to be a god will be forgiven humans; if somebody acts god-like against their inner conscience—the “holy spirit”—that is not forgivable. It is permanent deviance with no forgiveness” (Mark 3, 29-30)

Some authorities opposed Jesus because He changed people—woke them up, healed their disastrous lives, and activated a spirit not controlled by them. They were accusing him of collaborating with evil spirits.

What is true—what the Good News tells you—is that every flaw, deviance, weakness, failure and guilt is open to change. No matter what you did, the road to repentance has cleared; you can change direction—get on the right path. Now—or later—you can find God—maybe not religiously, but at your core, at your hoping, humble heart. You can change

Clearly aimed at His opposition and yours, the exception (“blasphemy against the Holy Spirit”) points to the arrogance of denying your conscience. Conscience—that mysterious, private, and constant voice turning you towards love and truth—is “holy.” Denying its workings IS blasphemy—you are setting yourself like a god against your truest self.

Holiness is awe-and-humility—the essential difference from “this generation,” and that “holy” spirit marks your freedom from society’s controls, freedom from habits gotten from the influence of mere human culture. It is respect, deference, and care for the world as it is, and not as people have told you it is. The Good News remains your openness to change, to repentance—the person denying his or her own conscience shuts off the road to repentance. Listen to your heart, and you hear the Holy Spirit warning you against arrogance, judgment of others and denial of your responsibility to what is. You join our Father in seeing His world.


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