January 17, 2016

The good news for the day
There was a wedding reception at Cana, Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was attending it. Jesus and companions of his also got invited. When the wine started running short, the mother of Jesus spoke to him: “They’re running out of wine.” Jesus replied: “Woman, how does this issue of yours affect me? My time has not yet arrived.” (John 2, 1-3)

The Good News for you and me is the unexpectedness, the surprising twists. Out of the ordinary, magic blossoms. Out of familiar events, a series of mysteries unfolds right into your life—like a 3-D movie that thrusts itself out of the screen into your eyeballs. You jump at the surprise!

Jesus comes in ways you do not imagine. To many of us, Jesus may come in ritual, or in parental love, or in kindness of friends—but this story jogs that picture in a truer picture. Jesus shows up in your everyday life—without real warning, without exceptional trappings you have been led to expect.

You have to laugh: Mary—the “woman” in this case—notices what her male son and companions fail to notice—that these extra guests with their drinking have cost a decrease in the wine supply! Does she expect her son to work a miracle? Of course not! She might expect him to decamp with his friends, or send one of them next door, or get the man in charge to send someone up the hill to the grocery store…

Jesus works miracles to nourish spirits, to multiply laughter (and drinking!). Jesus comes to situations like this—for you. The Good News is that miracles occur every day. Your soul-shortages find fun, peace, and happiness in darkest hours. You ask, look for it, and do what’s right. Fill giant pots with water—see what happens! Recognize miracles afterwards—faith & joy that comes in helping others and being helped!


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