January 16, 2016

The good news for the day
Some educated people who were religious leaders saw Jesus sharing a table with known deviants and crooked financiers, and they questioned people with Him: “Why is he eating alongside crooked financiers and known deviants?” Jesus heard the conversation and said to them, “Those healthy do not need a doctor; sick people do. I have not come to call righteous religious ones but people who go astray.”(Mark 2)

Religion tends to deviate from its major role—improving people. We—all of us—try and succeed in finding selections of religion to justify condemning, rather than improving the human condition. We sort out people who disagree, and label them sinners.

Sometimes the “right” people—educated in religion, practicing prayer, and known for good works—repudiate and condemn wrong” people; you and I condemn others for sinfulness, mistakes, misunderstandings, or imperfection. Sometimes it becomes a cultural thing overwhelming common sense to condemn some for faults just popular to condemn.

Religious folks, for example, today—unlike Jesus and unlike other Christian eras—seem quick to condemn “someone else” for sexual deviance. Religion justified slavery or even admired amoral greed on Wall Street—ignoring plain comments of Jesus about equality and wealth.

The Good News is your acceptance of other Human Beings as members of your One Family under God—whatever their public reputation, well-known faults or condemnation by the media. God, your Creator, loves us all. That truth trumps everything. It is why Jesus came—to welcome and hug with open arms the sinner-person that you (and they) are. With such a spirit, you find peace with yourself—your own sinner-person-self.


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