January 14, 2016

The good news for the day
A man cured of skin disease told his story to everybody, so that it became impossible for Jesus to make any public appearances. He stayed out in the countryside away from communities, but there people kept coming to him from everywhere. (Mark 1, 45)

People came to Jesus. He seems elusive, shy even—certainly avoiding promotion. He did not practice Public Relations. On the contrary, he told people not to advertise him.

Why? Because this Child of God is all about DOING something good, rather than talking about it. You and I often talk instead of doing. You make New Year’s resolution, proclaim your belief in yourself, determined to “be better”: “I can do it,” or: “I do it myself,” or “I will do better!!!

This attitude suggests a spirit or attitude missing the point. Whatever you say, however you feel—what you are really, really determined to do—just does not count for much. The caring act that gets done, the humility of unacknowledged service, the unheralded moment of generosity—these mark Good News. These count. These quiet miracles are the “realm of what’s right” bursting into your world. In other words, the actions in your life—just doing what our Father wants, choosing to actually do the right thing here and now, having the courage—and then helping & healing, rather than mentally “deciding” to act—all that is what we what brings bliss.

The “leper” disobeyed Jesus and proclaimed His power. He told everybody what had happened. So let it be. Let others speak of what good gets done by you. Your Father sees it—not your miracles, not your preaching even. The good you do. You are the light of the world, however unassuming—for the benefit of others, not yourself.


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