January 5, 2016

The good news for the day

When Jesus saw the vast crowd, his heart felt sympathy for them, because they were like sheep who had no shepherd; he began to teach them many things. (Mark 6)

In other words, these “sheep,” hungry for knowledge, inspiration and insight, are ready to “get” what they came for. Hunger for the truth that they had not found in their traditional sources led them to leave—at least temporarily—their lives and livelihood.

In this often repeated tale of the “multiplication of the loaves and fishes,” you and I often miss the perspective of the seeking crowd. They did not go to a house of worship to learn—they went to a person. They did not go out there expecting to hear the same old stuff. They went to hear something new. You and I are on that same journey, that same search.


You are not told what it was He “was teaching.” What was remembered was being fed—the miracle of the bread and fish—with “twelve wicker baskets of leftovers.” They “get” it. They are nourished. You are in the crowd.

The Good News requires a faith here—that in your pursuit of knowledge, insight and fresh perspectives today, you are fearless—not afraid to leave the safety of your comfort zone. You are provided the necessities of Life since you “left home” without them—you find a miraculous sustenance.

Food for LIFE is provided by your moving along under the compassionate care of the One you pursue for knowledge. Your hunger leads you into His new pastures. Guided by your unquenchable desire for maturing in ultimate values, you find yourself sharing with others on the same quest.


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