January 3, 2016

The good news for the day

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea, in the era of King Herod,
surprisingly, Zoroastrians astrologers arrived in Jerusalem from the East, asking, “Where is the newborn king of the Jews?” (Matthew 2, 1)

The “Magi”— prominent officials in politics and the Zoroastrian religion—expected to find that new prince in a Jerusalem palace. These Magi—foreigners in both geography and religion—“had seen his star (rising).” The image of a comet moving across the sky comes to mind. To dedicated astronomer-astrologists, though, it is a matter of detecting changes, appreciating “signs,” and working from science and knowledge. (Today, you can find astrologers who for fun or not can create “your chart.”)

Our story tells you that “signs” of God’s coming into your world appear, but you have to be smart enough to notice them—to see, hear and sense a sign is talking to you by being ready, by thoughtfulness and attention.

It is not that you see some THING in a different way (a possible kindness, courage to tell the truth, a moment of forgiveness). No, your eyes and heart SEE differently. It is the transformation of your whole self that counts, not some passing incident. You SEE your world flooding with possible kindness, as consistently encouraging your courage, and every moment offering insight into the appearance of what is right, noble and valuable.

The Good News is that you, too, are a Magus-seeker humbly searching, discerning and acknowledging miracles and mystery; you too come from afar with your smartness and your wealth to honor someone greater than you, who looks like everyone else but with great hidden nobility, suffering and goodness—people who live & work in stables, grocery stores and insurance companies. On your quest, you are figuring out the “least of the brethren” and then valuing, respecting and honoring them.


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