December 22, 2015

The good news for today

Mary’s prays: “My very life reveals the importance of the Provider; I am happy because of God, my deliverer. He has noticed His simple servant. From now on, every generation will be calling me “blessed”: His Power has done great things for me—and how special His Person! (Luke 1, 46-49)

It is hard to grasp this prayer for what it is. It has become too familiar, too religious, and too embedded as a hymn. It is, in short, unavailable as such, and you need to re-discover what the message—the Good News—is here.

“My ‘soul’ magnifies the Lord.” In the world of Jesus, soul means lifetime. “Soul’ includes choices, courage and acceptance during your existence. These reveal the importance of your Father-Creator-Provider. Like a magnifier, your “soul” can expand for others what “Lord” really means; God and Jesus are not aristocratic “Lords.” From history the word “lord” meant “Provider,” a manager in charge of grain for others. “Lord” is a shortened form of hlaf-weorden, the “loaf-warden.” Lord means a manager providing for the future, concerned with storing up grain to feed life.

…”and my ‘spirit’ rejoices in God, my Savior. These words of Mary offer an other view of God. Once you commit your life to accepting such a Manager-Provider, you become happier, your bliss now coming from the inside, not the outside—from trust. God it is who can take away your ego-imprisonment, your lonely, defensive and hungry state of being. A Savior? Think of American soldiers arriving to free you at Auschwitz, think of some surgeon freeing you of cancer, think of miners trapped in darkness by a collapse being freed by the skillful ingenuity of engineers.

These choices and consequent joy can form how you are to pray—realizing your work to help others “magnifies” your Creator’s creating. Your helping hand, your caring heart, your choice to love as you are loved—are God’s Good News you bring—creating and bringing Jesus into this world.


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