December 18, 2015

The good news for today

Here is how Jesus Messiah was born: When his mother Mary was engaged to Joseph—but before they lived together—she was found to be pregnant through divine power. (Matthew 1, 18)

A good story tells you something worthwhile—a scratch where it itches, a bit of value into your soul, and insight for you to grow your own life

Notice that this version of Mary’s pregnancy differs from Luke’s detailed story of Gabriel’s appearance. This version looks at Joseph who has to change his view of Mary, to grow and accept what he does not understand.

Divine Power—the Holy Spirit—the mystery of meanings, the complexity of contradictions (“saintly Mary is pregnant!!?”)—this story suggests a reconsideration of your outlook on uncomfortable events happening around you and to you. Joseph does not “get” Mary’s pregnancy UNTIL a dream—a dream!—tells him to “take her as wife.” You are Joseph, the story suggests, standing before every other person’s unfolding mystery.

Loving—as much as possible—still leaves you short of the mystery of somebody else—any “Thou” who is not me. Did that person sin? Who am I to judge? Is that person a saint? Who am I to judge? Is that person like me? Yes! Is that person completely mysterious to me? Yes.

Like Joseph, you stand before people you love and others you don’t, before strangers, with people in once-in-a-lifetime meetings, and on the Internet, and on and on. All these brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, rich and poor, sick, healthy, convicted, and “good”—you can notice their faults, and “divorce them quietly” as Joseph intended. Your instinctive tendency to judge others is faulty and wants to override your other instinct—loving and caring for the mystery of persons. You awaken to the Good News: that Jesus lives “in” all the people around you!


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