December 7, 2015

The good news for today – Monday

Jesus cures a paralytic lowered through the roof. Surrounded by a crowd, He forgives the man’s sins… “Then the educated persons and religious leaders there reflected, questioning, ‘What kind of person is this pretending to be God-like? Who else besides God can forgive sins?’ Jesus, aware of their attitude, responded to their view, ‘What are you thinking about? Which is easier—to say, “Your sins are forgiven!”—or to say, “Get up and walk?” But so that you may appreciate that the “person on earth” has power in this world to forgive sins’—He said to the paralytic, ‘I’m telling you, get up, take your stretcher, and go on home.’” (Luke 5)

Because you and I no longer share the broader meaning of the word sin” that the world once had, we don’t acknowledge its weight. It would help to picture your lifetime as they did—each of us on a path of daily choices.

Sin meant—and means—any deviance from that path of choosing life—mis-stepping into a swamp. A sin might be subconscious—hurried—a thoughtless, mistaken choice under duress. Later on, results reveal you screwed up. Take an STD as an example, associating with a very negative person, or neglecting a necessary project—sooner or later bad things happen. Any time you leave the “straight and narrow” results occur.

Sin is no list-thing—a moral lapse someone else wrote to check off. Sin is anything you do wrong—moral or mind, body or soul. Not just an ethical slip—a sexual slip, a lie or cheating—sin is what needs fixing–maybe a marriage, career-choice, or neglecting to put something away in the garage.

Forgiveness is really Good News. It means getting back on your right track—and halting sin’s results. Only God—it may seem—can forgive! Jesus says—people—the “son of man” CAN fix sin & consequences. You can forgive and be forgiven! People think you can’t do that, but you can!


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