December 4, 2015

The good news for today
In a story told differently in different Gospels, Jesus responds when He is asked to cure blindness “Do you believe that I can do this?” “Yes, [Lord=] you have the power,” (two blind men) said to Him. Then he touched their eyes and said, “Let this happen for you according to your faith.” Their eyes were opened! Jesus warned them, though, strictly: “See that no one knows about this.” (Matthew 9)

Faith and blindness. In our world today, you may see that faith—whether Christian, Islamic or political—IS blindness. Some folks worship their kind of religion, their peculiar faith, or alluring leader; others worship their holy book, convictions, or selective sayings of whatever leader they find important. People say they “believe”—but it turns out they just believe in prejudices that agree with them.

You and I, to follow Jesus, start by sharing the cry of the blind: “Son of David, help me to see!” Help me to acknowledge inadequacies and sightlessness, incompleteness and needs. Help me to awaken to other people and their needs. Help me to break out and see past my self.

The response to this faith comes not to you and me as a flashy miracle—a touch on your eyes—but that the eyes of your heart and mind are “opened.” You notice others as others—actually notice the World Around You! You that observe what makes you uncomfortable may be what you need. You start to look for what is true, for what enriches you by what disagrees with your prejudices.

And then—you do not preach your insights, you practice them. The Good News is your quiet ability to see the “thou”—the “other you” whose difference helps you. You SEE—and so you do something about it. “See that you tell no one—just DO with what you see.”


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