November 30, 2015

Good News for Today

As Jesus was walking along by the Sea of Galilee, he noticed a couple of brothers, Simon—who came to be called Peter—and Andrew his brother, casting a net out into the sea. (They were fishermen.) He spoke to them: “Come on after me, and I will make you people-fishers.” It took no time for them to leave their nets and follow him. (Matthew 4)

The Good News is the attractiveness of Jesus, a person devoted to healing and helping others. He does not call people to individual prayer and single sanctity—to be monks, though one may follow him that way. He does not even call people to preach truth, model virtue, discuss philosophy, or lead rituals, though you may do those once committed to following Him.

He calls you to fish for “people.” That means that you turn outwards—instead of trying to improve yourself—something you do by nature—you turn to the persons around you. You notice needs. You see pain. You see flopping souls out of water. You see the leprous soul, guilty and shunned. You see the fakey persons trying to become authentic, the abused child trying to overcome shame, and the “different” person struggling to be accepted.

In the compassion Jesus teaches, you feed the hungry heart, share the widower’s grief, and forgive both the sinner and his or her sin. You see and respect everyone as your brother and sister, mother and father, child and friend, no matter their lashing out, their past crimes, and their hateful attitudes. The Good News is your awakening—to this wonderful world of kindness in which you find how you come after Jesus in everything you do and in every person you encounter.


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