November 26, 2015

Good News for Today –Thanksgiving in the US

Jesus describes a future: And in due time people will see the Human (“Son of Adam”) emerging in a cloud with dynamism and great import. Then—when these discernments start to happen—stand up and raise your heads because your release is about to be achieved.”(Luke 21)

Gratitude and hope are the Great Gifts within our hearts that not only give life, but ARE life. Without appreciating the giftedness that is your life, you have no hope; without hope, you have no need to be grateful. Consider this passage from the inside—from “you”—not history

This message of Jesus here is not particularly religious—not about the “end times,” not about a physical “rapture” into heaven when you die. It is about your vision and your hearing now—to see and hear how other humans—the human factor, contributions of others, the weaving into your life by people—how all that creates your Life—its dynamism and its meaning. “Now is the acceptable time.”

The truth is clouded now—“occluded” is the better word. Like people with cataracts, you and I fail to see how important, how enlivening and how dynamic you are with your neighbors. But as you awaken, your vision clears; you see emerging from this cloudiness how vital each of us is for the other—you are to me.

Your release—your liberation—from self-absorption, immaturity and loneliness—this is ready to happen once you feel grateful for—and hope in—the neighborliness of your billions of fellow humans. Instead of fear and disdain, the Good News is the discovery of possibility—the coming into your life of thankfulness and mutual gifting. People bring you gifts and hope, and you bring it to them.


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