November 20, 2015

Good News for Today

Jesus went into the place for religious services and proceeded to expel the vendors there, reminding them, “It has been written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a nest of thieves.’” (Luke 19)

You and I are in danger—once again—of picturing an event as part of the distant past—a familiar picture. We read, hear and watch a mini- TV show—a commercial to which we no longer pay attention.

You are Jesus—and, yes, you are “a vendor.”

As a follower of Jesus, you resent the corruptions of religion. You resent and sometimes even work against the constant appeals for money, the misuse of funds to build spectacular shrines, and the life style of many a minister and priest. The current Bishop of Rome has taken up this attitude of Jesus and works to reduce this element in the Roman church.

But there is another side. Reluctant to admit the Good News, you may discover that the thievery Jesus refers to is not merely money—but the gifts of God, the magnanimity of grace, and the kindness of strangers. You and I might accept this wealth without prayer, this constant enrichment of breath and beauty without awe, and this constant life-giving care from strangers and friends, brothers and sisters who not only enhance your life—but in ways you do not know—preserve it. Do you value these enrichments or sell them short—sell them casually and cheaply. They are gold—not be stolen, but shared. That is the Good News.


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