November 16, 2015

The Good News for Today

To the blind man at Jericho who called on the “Son of David” to cure him, Jesus responds “Have sight; your faith has saved you.” The man immediately received his sight and followed Him, praying his thanks to God out loud. (Luke 18)

This miracle is not so much about a blind man long ago getting healed in the presence of a throng of Jews. It is not so much—as scholars say—the man’s acknowledgment of the “Son of David.” It is not even so much a kind of short film you are passively watching, a tape to listen to. This Good News is directed at you changing!

Certainly you and I are blind. We do not “see.” You’re not God. You “see” little—you miss stuff right in front of you—you fail to foresee consequences and you fail to appreciate the pain of someone listening to you. You and I need sight, insight, and a humble faith-admission which begs for help—for knowledge, for hope and dreams and for the New Life of compassion, forgiveness and peace. You do not think about this much, but it is true for you and me—this blindness.

The Good News is that you get to see if you just open your eyes, your mind and your heart—you might jerk awake with sudden compassion for a troubled neighbor. You might suddenly admit your apathy and rationalizations about our bullet-riddled world. You are surprised to grasp on the phone someone’s sadness, hopelessness and loneliness. You might meet your own arrogance and smugness.

Stop, get humble. Admit your inability and failure to see. Call out in the silence of your heart. Such faith heals. That is a real “Good News” kind of faith—this quiet, real cry of your heart! You get to see God’s world—the big picture. You become grateful, deeply grateful.


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