November 14, 2015

The Good News for today

After telling a tale about a corrupt judge who gives in, worn down by an insistent widow, the “one-in-charge” says, “Listen to the corrupt judge! Will not God do what is right for his “team”—people who are calling out to him day and night? Will he drag out answering them? I am telling you, he will make sure that rightening is done for them quickly. But when the “Human Being” does appear, will that person find faith on earth?” (Luke 18)

What is “faith” here? What is “faith” in regards to a corrupt judge?

Faith—whether in and to your family, your God or your community—commits to tomorrow. You expect a continuation of something dependable. You believe your persistent involvement will not only keep going but brings results. Today you get an education with the faith that tomorrow you will have opportunities; today you marry with faith that your spouse will be with you for life; today you plant a tree with the faith it will grow tomorrow and the new year.

Tomorrow defines faith. You believe something intangible but true, a future that lies over your horizon. That future depends on your faith!

That is the point! The Good News is: “faith” is not so much your creed, or codes—what you SAY you believe in—but the daily inter-dependence that promises you help in the family of God. You depend on others, and others depend on you—today and tomorrow and on into the future—even though persons, motives and events may be mysterious. A widow in need needs the judge—no matter how corrupt—and the judge needs to help her just to end persistent asking. That is faith! You yourself expect and depend on mutual help—the blood that gives life to the Family of God.


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