November 10, 2015

The Good News for today

Jesus calls our attention to the incompleteness that marks His followers: When you have done everything you have been commanded to do–say, ‘We are unsuccessful servants; we just did what we had to do.’” (Luke 17)

The process of salvation—growing up and repentance—never ends. You are never complete. You never reach a stage of “rest from toil.”

It is your task and joy to devote yourself to discovering new Life and Living—to continue exploring your spiritual terrain—to find there that once again you have missed something crucial.

Some early Christians–Gnostics—often smart, educated people in the centuries after Jesus—felt that they had acquired ultimate truth into and about Jesus; they fabricated complex ideologies about heaven, nature and “person,” along with complex theologies. Like many “Christians” through the centuries, they went “off the rails,” not realizing that self-satisfaction can destroy the seed of faith, crystallizing it into a fossil, into a failure to benefit others creatively and into botched job of your on-going love for your living Creator.

In your incomplete, growing soul, you, an “unprofitable” servant—know that each day creates fresh challenge, every day demands new, thoughtful and often hard self-sacrifice. You live to love and forgive others as you hope others love and forgive you. That is harder than the glib repetition suggests—life not being fair.

But you believe—and you grow! The tree that does not grow is dead; the tree that grows produces fruit. That is why it is such Good News—to grow with truth and its challenges is to find payback in the long run—an ever-fresh Life rich with peace and joy. How Good it is!


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