November 3, 2015

The Good News for today

Continuing His picture of the realm of God as a dinner party, Jesus pictures a wealthy party-thrower whose guests decline the invitation. So “Then the master of the house in a fury commanded his employee, ‘Go out fast into the streets and alleys of the town and bring in here poor people and damaged ones…’” (Luke 14)

So much of our understanding of Jesus depends on our ability to see meaning—how the “kingdom of God” reverses popular opinion, the weight of culture, and the forces of conforming people. Instead of being like everybody else, flowing passively along with the “majority,” the “they” who seem to be watching you—Jesus calls you to be involved with others.’’

It is not the wealthy, not the educated, nor the successful and satisfied, nor the principled and righteous who are part of the realm of what is really real. It is people who need! It is you who know that you are incomplete, and need others. It is you who are the poor and damaged persons who are invited—welcomed—into the Presence.

You ask forgiveness and acknowledge your need for it. You know your weakness and addictions, your mistakes and rationalizations, your depressions and loneliness. You are the perfect candidate for the coming of grace, the arrival of liberation and the blossoming of hope.

The Good News is that you are NOT satisfied, NOT in denial of shortcomings and failures. You need help! THAT is the inclusive ticket into the hug of God, the welcoming warmth from other humble members of your divine family, your true brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers.


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