October 1, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus sends out friends who are following Him and learning His teachings—and includes this: “Whatever town you enter—and they welcome you—eat whatever is set before you, cure the sick people in the place, and say to them, ‘The realm of what’s right is here for you.’” (Luke 10)

You are sent—and you are sending others. You are—by your very life—telling other people this same message, though you may not know it! “The kingdom of God—the realm of what’s right—is available right here and now for YOU.”

This “kingdom” is not some political state with a “king’—a past and gone la-la land. The reality refers to a community of people living, a group with kinship we feel, and a sense of belonging. It’s not a church, sports or social club, nor a political party or a mafia. It is more like the feeling among members of a racial group or nationality.

The “kingdom,” however, brings a real sentiment, and an authentic truth—that you are governed differently and find strong kinship.

The “kingdom of God” is the “realm of what’s right.” It’s the “world,” the place where you get past the “drift of living,” the passive acceptance of your prejudices. You choose to live—to live what is right—not just what is practical, practiced or expedient. You choose to help others because of your equality with everyone. You discover the strength of humility, the rightness of involvement, and the power that comes from your committing to love others.

The Good News is your welcoming—here and now—this different way of living. It is here. It is now. It is us—the “us-ness”—of love that beyond feeling—genuine and fresh– healing, peaceful, hopeful.


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