November 1, 2015

The good news for today —the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time and the Feast of All Saints

31st Sunday: Jesus said to the rich and repentant tax collector, Zacchaeus, “Today freeing has come to this man’s house because he too is of Abraham’s family. For the Human Being has come to seek and rescue what was lost.“(Luke 19)

Feast of All Saints “How well off are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the realm of what’s real.” (Matthew 5)

One basic theme of Jesus connects use of money, the value of poverty of spirit, and the role of motives—what influences you to earn and spend the money you control—these—linked—make you a saint.

This generation, this world, and your upbringing press you to acquire money. Find a good career or connections, they tell you, and then climb the ladder until you reach a level where you find yourself safe from poverty. Some serious ambition, a dash of competitiveness, and a certain amount of luck will free you from the neediness that is poverty. A part of us—of you and me—is always money-hungry.

Someone not of “this generation” but born into valuing what is really real and truly true—the child of God—sees money differently. Your saintly defiance gives money away, spends it to help others, and feels “rescued” or “saved” from the trap of that motivation to get rich. Your saintly courage and maturity know that no “safe level” exists from poverty—which values every possession as fragile, as lose-able, as something-you-cannot-take-with-you-in-death—and as gift.

The Good News is the realm of what’s real—when it dawns that money is for giving away, poverty is gratitude for what you have, and the only real wealth is what benefits others—true sainthood!



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