October 27, 2015
The good news for today

After Jesus said, “What is the kingdom of heaven, (the realm of what is right) like? To what can I compare it? It’s like an insignificant mustard seed that a man took and planted in the garden. When it was fully grown, it became so big that birds of the sky made nests in its branches.” (Luke 13)

Faith grows—like you yourself—to learn, change and improve. You constantly get experiences that re-shape you: you fall in love; you realize you will die; you overcome failures and you pass through phases—adolescence, to career, middle-age, and old age.

Like it or not, the river of time flows on. If your faith stays stuck in limits of childhood indoctrination, you die inside, your heart and mind failing to grow enough to meet the adult tests God sends you. If your now-adult faith realizes your need to become childlike, simple and humble—that is altogether different.  Unless you BECOME like a child—grow into it—you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

Each day, the seed that is your faith confronts challenges—You are watered sometimes with tears; you might face a desert of abandonment, illness or betrayal, or you might need to grow around a rock. Only by growing can you meet these trials. If—as so often happens—you stop changing, and believe your faith is complete, your knowledge of God sufficient, and your sense of morality ample—the mystery of God will confuse you. You will—unwittingly—reject the chance to find a way forward to deeper love.
The Good News is your “breakthrough”—like a seed leaving its casing and erupting from the ground. Your faith can and does grow into fresh discoveries of God’s love. You open yourself to His truth; you accept the sun and rain; and you flourish during the mystery of your lifetime by living the evolving Life the way God wants you to.


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