October 24, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus, citing recent news, says, “I am telling you: if you do not repent, you will all die just as those people did!” (Luke 13)

The Good News is: constant repentance is how you need to live.

This religious word, “repentance,” is awful to describe what really happens when you “wake up.” At your core you change. Your eyes open. You discover yourself beyond just living. “Waking up” or “facing truth” might be better…or “saying ‘yes’ to your world.”

In the Semitic mind, the word (shub) means to find your way back to the road of living deliberately, to your “conscience-path,” to listening, watching and responding, as you go along, noticing what is right to do in your heart, your neighbor and your world.

Jesus references a recent news story—“those men” killed by a falling tower. Maybe they weren’t paying attention–but He chooses to contrast that with really living. Really DYING is not so much a matter of biology, cancer or battlefields—no, nor crucifixions. To LIVE entails choosing to confront your “now” with your heart, to hope, to believe in goodness, and to accept mysteries. It requires acts of courage-and-kindness to mark your “being awake.” You adapt—silent when necessary, passionate when necessary—attentive always. You make decisions, then live with them, trusting in the goodness of God, independent of cultural, religious, or learned patterns or prejudices.

The Good News is that “being awake” does not save your physical life, and may not make you happy at all—but it keeps you alive, very much alive. Such a Life—you find—has its own rewards.



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