October 17, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus continues to discuss fear, “Anybody who says something hurtful to a human being gets excused; someone who speaks disdainfully against Inner Holiness will not get away with it. When people charge you as against your religion and set you before superiors and others with authority, do not fret about how to defend yourself, or about what you are going to say. For inner holiness will teach you at that moment what you should say.” (Luke 12)

The “sin against the Holy Spirit” might puzzle you and me.

People say things against other people (“the son of man”). You rant, slyly put someone down, tell a hurtful lie, offer bad advice, behave disdainfully, and so on. We all do it, like it or not. Many of us, though, laugh at rants, let harmful putdowns run off like rain, forgive rash ignorance, understand lack of judgment, and forgive lapses of kindness. We forgive each other, if we have any sympathy at all for our fellow “children of the human race.”

But there can arise—in yourself—or observing it in others—an indifference about conscience, a neglect of well-defined morality, courage, or timeliness, a cowardice to do what is right—disregarding so much and hoping to get away with it. You believe evidence or conclusions because you want to—not because they’re right. You see this so much today—and practice it. You kill your soul, lie to yourself—and your inner Life dies—gets cancerous and dies.

In particular Jesus notes, when brought before influential people, individuals—you and I—rehearse lies, excuses and evasions, rather than bring forth the Spirit of Jesus. The forthright simplicity of Jesus is the courageous humility called for. The Good News is your tender conscience—and your constant Staying Alive to it.


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