October 14, 2015

The good news for today

The One in Charge (Jesus) said: “It’s too bad for you Pharisees! You involve church money with mint for mouthwash, condiment for food and every vegetable, but you pay no attention to decision-making and deciding to love God.” (Luke 11)

The faults of religion occur because leaders—notice the evangelist’s choice of “LORD/the one in charge” here–emphasize outward rituals, requirements, and expressions of belief. You come to view what is peripheral as central. And often you have found important the visible and audible part of religion. Busy about other things, you listen and watch selectively—and have d the colorful, specific details

Jesus underscores for you what is core—your humanity, the spirit of the thing, your approach and the unspoken side of everything. What motivates you—your decision-making—the choices you make small and large, day-by-day—this core counts.

You and I are Pharisees, of course, uneasy at times for forgetting core values for the excitement of passing news and the detailed requirements of living. The truth—the reality—is that “mint, cumin and vegetable”—the sea-surface of life sometimes needs to be taken care of. But it is the boat that counts—the voyage, cargo and goal—and the stars that guide us!

We live our Lives in a large world. Our decision-making—the original Greek word is crisis—needs to include the world around us—the effects that grow from the goodness, the humanity, the truth and joy we radiate. The Good News is our awareness—our growing awareness—of our linkage to the entire world—that is, our “love for God’s world—for God its creator, OUR creator.”


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