October 11, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it is for those who have a lot of money to enter the realm of what is right!”  The disciples were shocked at his words. (Mark 10)

How easily this familiar passage flows through us and around us. To you who hold one political or ideological view, the words are meaningless; you rationalize it away. People of a different sort get all accusatory—gleeful that you are not one of the sinful wealthy.

You are the rich young man who asks a serious question—and gets an answer that seems to require the impossible (and so “impossible” becomes part of the conversation).

You are the young man; you are Jesus—what is the Good News here? Sincerely, you ask, What do I do to “inherit ‘eternal’ life”?

For Jesus it is not about money per se. It is about Life and Comfort. Whatever life you are comfortably rich in—abandon it! Commit yourself to others—to God’s destiny, to courage and faith, to kissing lepers (as St. Francis did), to your own marriage, to giving money away, to confronting Absolutist dunces and caring for needy people.

Each day, Listen to Jesus; start a new life by stepping out of your comfort zone, out of the wealth your life has accumulated, into risky care for others—while admitting your weakness and ignorance.

The Good News is your re-constant discovery of your loving God, of the glow radiant from the Origin of all, of meaning in all the meaningless experiences of life—and you get fresh energy to deal with daily defeats.

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