October 3, 2015

The good news for today

At that very moment Jesus laughed with the happiness of the Holy Spirit and said, “I celebrate you freely, Father, in charge of heaven and earth, for though you have kept these matters hidden from shrewd and educated persons, you have opened them to childlike ones Yes, Father, that has been what you have so graciously wanted. (Luke)

You discover the “realm of what is right”—what heaven means—when you realize it is completely simple. Beyond words, you see that loving others counts more than your comfort. Respect for others—and your own humility—enable you to find freedom, peace and truth that’s not a pastiche of rules and opinions you got from others.

You celebrate the universe and our Creator, you feel gratitude for the good as well as the bad, the sunshine and the rain, the laughter of a child and the travails of aging. You accept the gift of each day, each “moment” that triggers a happiness, despite on-going overwhelm of life. Yes, you read of wars, and rumors of wars, of shootings and cancer, of Alzheimer’s disease, child abuse and bullying. You know tragedies of sudden accidents and horrors inflicted on helpless prisoners. You have become aware of the faithlessness of friends, of the executions of the innocent, and the deceit of the powerful.

But our Father is in charge of heaven and earth. His ways are not our ways, and we celebrate that truth inside each evil atrocity—that a glow of love, a warming ember, a spring breeze offers itself. Hope and faith believe that these are not the end—that love will prevail. You believe in a life that counts far more than this moment’s pain, in a boundless life that has started and that will last beyond our dreams. The Good News is this celebrating right now of the One in Charge, the Father who loves us.


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