September 26, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus says to you: “Really listen to what I am telling you. This human being is going to be handed over to people.” But they did not understand this saying–its meaning hidden from them—so that they just didn’t get it—and they were afraid to ask him to explain what he had said. (Luke 9)

If you feel confident that you know your bible, understand the message of Jesus, and are trying to live it—read this again.

It is not your mind—nor even your heart—that gets the message, but something else. Entwined with grace, your insight and actions have to do with humility and admitting your failure to really “get” it—your ignorance believes in always growing. And, somehow, you slowly come to have the same mind and heart that Jesus was.

If you live the Life Jesus offers, you will find yourself misunderstood, betrayed and victimized. Friends and family will reject what you find important. Popular leaders of religion and their followers will laugh at you as a fool, a heretic or an egotist—or condemn you out right. Like St. Francis. Like many a saint. Sensible, wise and powerful people will label you with insulting putdowns-and the crowds so quick to be superior will join that disapproval.

The Good News is always your Life of Resurrection, that inner glow of truth, that humble and patient awareness of your Father in heaven—and your unceasing life of prayer that His Will be done. You are Jesus today; and you find Jesus around you in your needy brothers and sisters. You are family—your love in your Divine Family will inevitably create fresh, new Life in yourself and others.


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