September 25, 2015
The good news for today

Jesus asked them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter said in reply, “The ‘Messiah’ of God.” He warned them not to tell this to anybody. (Luke 9)

At some point—or gradually, you decide on what people around you mean to you. Growing up, you tend to attend to yourself, to be an ego, superior and self-circling mind. This is you and me in all normal human “being.” Adolescence forms part of your need to grow, to push edges, to become an adult.

Some stay there. You who follow Jesus grow more by finding other people as a valuable enrichment. Each brother and sister you get involved with becomes, in some way, your “Messiah,’ enabling your salvation, your betterment, and your peace.

Connect this remark of Peter’s to Jesus’ remarks about the Son of Man. Jesus sees Himself, the “son of man” as everybody, as THE exemplar human being beloved by our Father and rejected by other humans—the fickle culture, religious extremists, civil powers-that-be, and so many anxious to get money, like Judas.

You are warned here not to preach Jesus—but to do Jesus. In the next words of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus predicts His future execution, and advises you “to take up your cross.”

The Good News is how close is your salvation. Your Messiah is “Thou,”—anybody whom we respect, listen to, help with humble equality, and suffer-with, any person not above us, nor below us—but your fellow traveler, your brother and sister in growing always up. Your Messiah is the Jesus on the phone, in the line, and at the next table, the Jesus with whom you laugh and cry. That is enough.


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