September 11, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus emphasizes equality: “Can one blind person guide another blind person? Will not both stumble into a ditch? No student, though, is superior to the teacher; but when finishing all the preparation, every student will be equivalent to his or her teacher.” (Luke 6)

In other words, we guide each other into places where we grow more “educated” in the realm of what’s right. We guide each other.

Rarely is Jesus clearer. We need each other as equals. We guide one another, and we teach one another, and are each other’s guides and teachers. Mutual respect makes us humble enough to learn….

Find someone alert and alive, someone young or old, male or female, rich or poor—who has common sense, passion, openness, authenticity and peace. Above all, though you look for someone with whom you are at peace, and from whom you learn inspiration, courage—and who opens your eyes to God’s world.

The teacher graduates the student who finds himself or herself the teacher’s equal. A good teacher, though, learns—and is constantly learning—from students—learns how to teach, learns how to adapt, learns how to respect differences, and learns how to inspire. Students change their teachers into better teachers. That’s the core of good teaching.

And that is the point for all of life. We teach each other; we learn from each other. You support me and I support you; you and I need each other, so that, in our mutual respect, we give one another a New Life and with gratitude, get it back—like being re-born with the breath of God re-starting us. That is love, that is the Good News.


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