September 8, 2015 – The good news for today

A great crowd of his followers along with a large number of other people…came to hear him and be healed of disorders—and even those plagued by unclean spirits were cured. Everybody in the crowd there was trying to touch him because power came forth from him and healed them all. (Luke 6)

Dynamic power came forth—to heal…(in particular) people with “unclean spirits.”

Power means that something or somebody changes because of something else. You turn on electrical “power” in a house and lights can go on, refrigerators run and TVs become watchable. A governor has legal power to commute a sentence. A person with money has power to buy whatever he or she wants or needs.

But you, and I, and Jesus share a different kind of dynamism—the power to change minds and hearts. How does it work? It is an attitude, a spirit, an outlook you have. You see people with the eyes of Jesus. You sense their pain, their hunger, their hope, their fear and their guilt. You acknowledge their demons, their sexual addictions, their failures of fidelity, their depression and remorse.

With your heart you feel their hands, the groping hands of their souls, reaching out to you, reaching out to touch your loving, reaching out for the Life you live, the faith and hope that keeps you Alive. No matter what you have been or done—now you have Life in Abundance—compassion for others and healing and hope radiate from you like light from a flame.

The Good News is your power to heal—just by being yourself.


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