September 6, 2015 – The good news for today

Jesus charged people not to tell anyone (about curing a mute man). But the more he ordered them not to, the more they spread the word. People were just amazed and they would say, “He has done all things well. He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.” (Mark 7)

Do you help the deaf to hear; do you help mute people speak? Of course! You listen, and so they listen; you listen and so they speak. It is the dialogue of authentic, adult, respective people.

Once you grasp the Life of which Jesus is talking about, the risen, alert, and sensitive Life grateful and communal, miracles happen.

But it is no miracle broadcast to the world, no event needing to be admired and rewarded. Your miracles are ones that go unnoticed—or have no need to go noticed. Your kind word spoken in sympathy triggers a response—it may be heard by the heart deaf till then; it may get a silent smile as response, a mute speaking to you of gratitude.

Your silent presence shares grief—registered by the needy griever who hugs you with Jesus tears—telling you without words the love which is what Life is all about. Miracles dot your life as you do them—and you see New Life—communication, sharing, enriching, ennobling and hope-creating.

And, perhaps behind your back, people are astonished, and may say so, and admire you. It is not yours to revel in admiration, you are just doing the work and the will of your Creator—of what is fundamentally “natural.” That is the Good News—to work miracles of contact, miracles which open links of love toward a Great Life.


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