September 3, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you are going to be catching people.” (Luke 5)

Jesus laughs at times. He looks at you, chuckles, and tells you, “From now on, you are going to catch people. Does He? Does He suggest with laughter that you are going to “catch” people, the way a fisherman catches fish?

Simon Peter is you and me. He is kinda dumb, cowardly, and over-eager. He dashes to the tomb (probably in disbelief), tells Jesus NOT to go to Jerusalem, and starts slipping into the sea as he tries to “walk on water,” like Jesus. You see a slight touch of a comic person here—someone you might know, who makes mistakes by being too quick, by jumping the gun and realizing too late he has jumped off a cliff. In the end an endearing person, a likable guy willing to grow.

How are he—and you—to “catch people,” though?

Remember He is NOT saying, “Convert to Christianity,” nor is He saying people need to learn a creed or confess belief in Jesus. But He is calling you to “catch” people and “bring them in.”

You catch people by your example, ensnare them by your kindness, and reel them in by the attractiveness of your humble service. Somebody sees you—and wants to Live that Life, too. Interested in a Life not ordinary, confined, apathetic, mortal, and passive, people see you doing good. They are lit by the shining of your goodness. They see how you humbly go on from mistakes. The Good News is that you draw such open-hearted, open-minded people into a snare of Great Peace, a true liberation and an adulthood uncommon, authentic, wise and forever-developing—like Simon Peter’s.


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