August 24, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus observed publicly: “Woe to you, educated people and church leaders, you hypocrites. You lock the door to the realm of what’s right for people. You do not get in yourselves, nor do you open the door for people trying to enter.” (Matthew 23)

Your task and mine is to live the fully human, caring and thoughtful view of the Father’s world and its people. These remarks address today’s hypocrites—and your self. He is talking to you about your control over others—sincere and insincere, people elected, ambitious and heirs of power, the parent, the intelligent and the instinctive, the poor and proud—and you—about influencing others.

The “kingdom of heaven”—the reality of what is right stands open to everybody. Pressuring your “rightness” closes the door. You do it by law, by sneering or by joining in wrong public opinion. You commit “sin” here if you tell other people how to act, when it is just your opinion, and you fail to act on the truth of your words.

Every human being feels struggles, failures and confusions—contradictions and inconsistencies—just like you. We all hide part of ourselves. What you do is seek and support the nobler choice in others, realize and neglect—not judging–the baser part we all have—and treat everyone—personally—very personally—with patience and care. Sometimes you can call out a friend—not just for bad breath, but for really bad choices; sometimes; you can point out hypocrisy and inconsistencies; and sometimes you can see in yourself the faults you find and judge in someone else—your own hypocrisy

The Good News is growth—to accept, correct and hope! You are called to grow by overcoming the hypocritical play-acting, we all do.


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