Sins—what is a “sin”—and what is its “forgiveness”?  Time to revisit the reality of sin as part of your life.

When you were a child, preachers, catechisms, and society used to tell you what sins you might be guilty of—using the Lord’s Name in vain, eating meat on Friday (Catholics), not attending church, not tithing—not to mention adultery and fornication–and so on.

But what is your real experience suffering real sin? Do you feel “trespassed against” when someone puts you down, or just pays no attention to you? How about gossip about you?  What about someone who twists your words, rages at you while they misrepresent your opinion? What about neighbors who nag and pester you or make too much noise? Or when your spouse makes a decision without you?

Do you instinctively consider forgiving them?

And it works the other way around.  You and I sin of course with the very offenses that hurt others. You say things harshly, you neglect your spouse, you judge people (“idiots!”) who disagree with you as, and you look down on whole classes of people.

The Good News is Forgiveness—an action you can choose, a multiplication of actions—asking and receiving and asking and receiving. The Good News is your constant forgiveness—that wealth of change you control and you share.


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