August 10, 2015

The good news for today

As Jesus and his disciples started forming groups in Galilee, Jesus warned them, “The human son is going to be handed over to humans—and they will kill him. He will be raised on the third day.” And they felt very, very upset.  (Matthew 17, 22)

“The Son of Man/the human son” is how Jesus often refers to himself.  He chooses this old, prophetic term for a number of reasons. The expression identifies a triumphant personality in the Biblical book of Daniel, a character popular in Jesus’s time. In that prophecy, a mythic “son of man” will come on the “clouds of heaven” to deliver his people. The expression, though, also identifies humanity, anybody and everybody born human—including you and me. Jesus speaks a paradox—the “triumphant” human will die! But only to rise!

Pay attention: This prediction by Jesus describes the “paschal mystery,” the transition, the “Passover”—from an apparent life of human success and fame—to degradation, execution and failure—to a resurrection “after three days.”

This tells the story of your own transition—from whatever success you have and however proud you feel of your reputation, achievements, or legacy. That portion of your human life will die—yes, will die, one way or another. Sometime the death comes from the enemy we call time, or from persons who turn against you, or from your own awakening to other values. This change is very, very upsetting.

“On the third day” refers to the time God determines. However disastrous, upsetting and tragic you may feel this process, it is the way to Life. It will prove to be the way to triumph, to freedom, and to joy beyond understanding—that is the Good News for you.


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