August 9, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus explains: “…not that anyone has really seen the Father except someone who has been close to God; such a person has really seen the Father. The truth is: anyone with faith has limitless life. I am the bread of such a life.” (John 6 46-48)

This Life of which Jesus speaks is not mere biological existence, to breathe with a heartbeat, a “vegetative state” preserved by modern medicine and saying that you are “truly alive still” after brain damage.

This Jesus-Life, on the contrary, is your choice to live—to live awake, open and caring. It is your constant choosing to be thoughtful, passionate and growing. It is your living in the moment—and beyond the moment. It involves humility, self-sacrifice and readiness to love and forgive as you are loved and forgiven.

It is not by saying you are close to God, nor a claim to be Christian that works here. It is by actually being close to God—your Father (who is the Father of the human family) that you realize God IS “the Father.” You are close to God when you care for others, when you do practical love for your brothers and sisters in creation.

Then you are fed—and feed others, becoming the resurrected Jesus. You are the Bread of their Life, that Life that is more than living—that life which is not so much eternal as limitless, not so much an after-death reward as a wondrous embrace of all time and all space. God hugs you. The Good News is that miracle—the multiplication of your nourishment to feed the Life of God within others, to give them your body, your blood in service—and so stay close in that divine hug.


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