July 28, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus explains his allegory—about the sower and the seed. He concludes his explanation: “…the weeds are gathered and burnt—that’s the final state. The son of man will next be sending out his agents and they will pick out from his realm all those things that trip persons (“scandals”), as well as people who commit wrongs—which they will add to the furnace fire with weeping and grinding of teeth. The good people then will be beaming like sunshine in the realm of their Father.   Whoever has ears—listen!” (Matthew 13, 40-43)

This is poetry, pure and simple. What do these images suggest? What are they calling us to do? What is the Good News Here?

Think of yourself as the “son of man.” You are a human being conscious that beyond all things that look real there ARE real things—a final state. (“Zizania”—the weed named here looks very much like wheat, but it is not wheat; it is worthless to make flour.) You “son of man”—a human—you distinguish between the fake and the real.

In life, you send out your “angels”—agents-tools-filters, such as reflectiveness, knowledge, comparisons and the like—to look for phonies, the people and things that look “real” but are worthless to making your Life better. You study people around you for whether or not they offer traps (“scandal-on” is the Greek word for “trap”).

You can and do recognize egos tripping up people and hoping to lead you astray. You pick out inauthentic people who are just wrong, although they hope to control or influence you. You set those pseudo-people—those people failing to obey deeper truths, the law of Christ—into a trash container. Oh, you continue to treat them with respect—as brothers and sisters—but you stay free of their influence. You no longer let these phonies be part of your real, growing Life.

They may resent that (“weeping & gnashing of teeth”) while the sun is shining in your own heart. You have heard the difference, you have seen it and you treat it the right way. That is the Good News! You are removing the weeds from your living faith.


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