July 18, 2015
The good news for today

Jesus quotes a reference which He applies to Himself: “(The One chosen to do my work) will not be argumentative or make a ruckus—nor will anybody even hear his voice publicly. A reed damaged he will not snap, a wick flickering he will not extinguish—until He can get a final verdict about right—and in his Person people outside will trust. (Matt 12, 19-21—[Isaiah 42, 1-4])

In Jesus’ day, this passage from Isaiah was familiar, for two reasons. It expects a huge change as the Messiah (the “servant”) comes. The prophet praises the Creator of heaven and earth– for leading the blind safely, for repairing what is wrong, for release of people confined, for introducing a new life, and for restoring worship of the true God. Even Gentile people, those outside the Jewish culture, will benefit. The passage suggests a revolution—not a violent one but large-scale—worldwide—improvement.

You and I—the “ones chosen to do his work, ” God’s “servants”—He calls to do this today. You are to work for the Creator quietly: your job is to change your world, to liberate people confined—not from walls of stone, but from cultural, political and economic—as well as self-imposed—walls…to open eyes blinded to kindness, to help deaf to hope hear it, and to fix your world as it has gone astray.

You are to reach out to anybody outside your comfort zone, to “Gentiles” excluded from your social class: to open eyes, free from chains, and work miracles of healing…

…. and do it tranquilly, gently. You are not to bray out your beliefs, goodness or religion; you do not take the moral high ground, public stances on big cultural, religious or political issues. Nor do you, a “servant of God,” argue logic and facts, history or principles, doctrines or dogmas. You persuade hearts, with unassuming examples, quiet forgivenesses, and attentive, caring words.  You listen in order to open ears; you watch in order to open eyes, you care in order to open hearts.

The Good News is that you are the “chosen one,” somebody chosen to share divine involvement, to offer the grace of peace to everyone, and to see the gradual revolution of a world awakening to awe, joy and hope.


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