July 15, 2015

The good news for today


“Jesus exclaimed: “I will shout out how good You are, Father, Lord of permanence and passing things; although you have veiled these things from people smart and educated, you have revealed them to child-like folks who are not sophisticated.(Matthew 11, 25)

You need to get the point Jesus is making here. You don’t “get it” by studying, by being smart, or even by hard work. You don’t “get it” by superiority or achieving a religious office, or knowing more than other people about the bible or anything else.

You “get it,” He tells you, “by being child-like.” The word here even suggests “new-born,” implying that totally fresh outlook on a new world to live in.

What does “child-like” mean? “Child-like” suggests that you foster curiosity—simple, straightforward wonder—and accept what your curiosity reveals. “Child-like” suggests setting aside prejudices, fears and habits that clutter your life with baggage—downsizing your inner life. Instead, it suggests a certain recklessness about trying new things, a certain expectation that others will correct, help and guide you as needed, and a sense of awe that pervades every moment. Your world is new every moment.

The “Father, Lord of heaven and earth” is the head of your Family, leading you into what is permanent truth (heaven) and what is merely important in passing through life (earth). The Good News is that this awareness and acceptance, this being “less sophisticated” and feeling awe as a habit—these unveil the mysteries of Life that are important.

Like love and peace, you don’t “get it” by trying for it; you “get it” by waiting alertly for it, the way a child waits for food, clothing and shelter. Then you see that loving one another as a constantly re-freshing way of life, for instance brings you where your heart wants to go. Now, THAT is Good News!

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