July 4, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus says, “You don’t put new wine into used wineskins. Otherwise the old skins split, the wine leaks out, and the skins are ruined besides. Rather, people pour new wine into fresh wineskins, and both remain all right.”

One part of following Jesus is awakening to the “now-ness” of it. Words change meanings, cultures shift attention, features once important fade, and new challenges arise. History tells us that once people once rioted over whether to call Mary the “mother of God” or not. Rioted over that issue! Today few care about it.

But other issues are important, and we need to confront political, religious and social matters that affect the family of God. We need to confront the world around us and find new wineskins to put our world and its challenges into.

Each day, as a matter of fact, you are challenged to meet THIS day’s challenges, THIS day’s call to your conscience, your mind and your heart. You are being asked by circumstances of individuals and culture to find what to do, what to say, how to act, how to respond and how to come to a decision.

If you are awake, if you pay attention to the here-and-now, you are putting together new wineskins into which to put your fresh insights, judgments and decision. You are responsible to respond now to what is challenging you now—and sometimes old axioms, prejudices, and even dogmas do not work—and may represent a cruelty rather than mercy, removing yourself rather than showing love, or putting an old wineskin as the instrument of a new wine of caring

The Good News that Jesus offers is that what really counts is the Here-and-Now, the meeting that is going on. Not the mistake of yesterday, or the anxiety about tomorrow—but now, today. Use it well and you are at peace.


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