June 27, 2015

The good news for today

Jesus in action: When it was evening, they brought him many people possessed by bad forces, and he drove out the powers of evil by what He said and he cured all the sick ones—to fulfill what had been said by Isaiah the prophet: He removed our weaknesses and carried away our disorders.

It is up to you to remove infirmities and to carry away diseases. Your life is a daily choice to meet the people around you as a healer and helper.

Yet you and I do not often think this way, in these terms. You may fail to appreciate how important is your word of kindness and forgiveness. You have the opportunity so often to touch lives in this healing way—to remove weakness—by transforming it into courageous humility, to build up someone’s fragile hopes and dreams, and to nurture the lives around you—of smiles, peace and graciousness.

You and I can carry away diseases. No, not cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s—but the “other” diseases people have, diseases of the soul that diminish their inner living, their conscience and openness, their resolution to improve and their ability to grow, and our shared awakening to others. You and I can, each of us, offer to “carry away” this sickness in others—their blindness, their dark minds, their hating hearts and their despairing, hungry souls.

The Good News is that you bear the power of Jesus in your words, in your involvement, in how you touch the spirits of people who come to you. You free others. With your eyes and tongue, you bring God’s grace to people in need.


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