Scripture scholars say that Jesus described himself as ‘the son of man,” in reference to the Old Testament book of Daniel. In that book, the writer describes a vision of a “son of man” coming as conqueror of evil forces, a replaceent for the evil political powers that create havoc, cause destruction and end lives.
 Without denying that reference, I ask another question: What if–and I believe this to be true–Jesus saw Himself as THE human? What if He said to Himself, “I am every man. I am the suffering man. I am your neighbor. I am your fellow child of the Universe, of the Father, of God. I am Jewish and male, but I am Gentile and Woman. I am the prisoner and the crucified. I am the Resurrection and the Life.”

  In other words, Jesus grew to appreciate his humanity as not just a representative of the human race, but as THE embodiment of all human beings who ever lived or would live. His individuality was not singular, but in the mystery of creation, He knew Himself to be the inspiration, the weakness, the shrewdness, the friend and brother–and in a peculiar twist as mother and sister and grandchild and all of them. We are at some deep and silent core the same Child of God, naked and powerless, gifted and unique, despairing and hopeful.  A set of contradictions.

  It is our failure to see the world as Jesus saw it from a timeless and all-encompassing vision–that of God Himself–but as a human being. How compassionate, how loving and tender, how motherly and brotherly, how forgiving and humble, how hungry to help rather than condemn, how easy to find ourselves the spiritual equal of the most exalted, but respectful of the lowliest.

  Each of us becomes that Child of God, once we see what Jesus saw, see as Jesus sees.


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