someone asked:

if trinity was the thing that Jesus pbuh have teach that, i can accept it as prophets teaching but he didnt. so i choose monotheism…

My answer

My friend,
I was born into Christianity, but several things have changed me. I am 75 years old, I have experienced much of the good and the bad of both Christian people and Christian teachings, and my own soul has, like yours, sought deeper understanding and deepening faith or belief.

First of all. I am a monotheist. I believe God is one. I cannot emphasize that enough. God is one. I am a Christian and God is one.

I believe in the man Jesus. I believe there are many, many false legends and views about Him. But I believe that he lived and died about 2000 years ago, and that some friends and acquaintances saw wonders and joy and peace when he walked among them. I believe those people believed so much in him that they felt and knew his presence living among them after he died–that he had risen from the dead.

He was so different that they began to see him as a very special Child of the Creator, of “The Father,” his word for what we call God. People gradually came to see him as the Word of God–an expression of the Creator and the “logic” of the world. (Logos is the Greek word for “word” and one Gospel begins with:

In the Beginning of the logos (the Word), and the Word (logos) was with God and the Word was God.”

In him, they saw, it all made sense. He was human and he was divine. We have no idea how to explain that. But His humanity made sense of the whole of creation. (A Jewish writer Philo, educated in Greek philosophy, who lived about the same time as Jesus, wrote much about the “logos”–that it referred to the coherence and consistency of the universe, the basis of science and the basis of belief–all kinds of belief)

I too have come to share that view. In Jesus, the man, everything of creation “hangs” together–he connects all the mysteries of the universe somehow. The “logic” is that everything (to me) makes sense once we see this human being as the link between, on the one hand, all of humanity and history and, on the other hand, the objective creation, the world “out there,” the world before us and after us–eternity.

The “reason” or “logic” of all of this is that–in some mysterious way–I have been convinced and/or enlightened by his Spirit. I have come to believe that His Spirit is in some ways independent of him, and in other ways, as Absolute and Divine and One with him. I will repeat that I am a monotheist. I see distinctions but One God. I think of the Spirit as–somehow–feminine, as powerful as the wind, as intimate as my mind, as unifying as oxygen is for life. This Person speaks within me (and within everyone) in silence and quiet (as Rumi–do you know Rumi?–as Rumi often reflects). The Spirit of Jesus is full of paradoxes and apparent contradictions–the last shall be first, the least shall be greatest, the poor will belong to a rich kingdom (of spirit). Without His Spirit, I would not accept these contradictions.

Finally, the logic of all of this dictates to me: that the Oneness of which I speak, the God I adore, brings me and humanity into a oneness in which our differences are guided towards a mysterious love for a) Creation, b) humanity c) ourselves.

Jesus pointed out that the Greatest Commandment is to “love the LORD, your God with you whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind, and your whole strength…and your neighbor as yourself.” In my view, these words channel all of me and all of our humanity into loving, rather than hating, indifference or incoherence.

I hope this helps. It is a logical conclusion for me, but you have your own path to follow in the love of God.


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